22 March 2010

The Return of "Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl"

My favorite feature at Vogue.com had been on hiatus for awhile, sadly. I was thrilled to discover this morning that the Inside Vogue column, "Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl," had finally returned. You may recall that this was a column in which real-life Vogue staffers showcased their style for one week, describing five head-to-toe looks that were worn to the illustrious Conde Nast Office in Times Square. Previous contributors included Meredith Melling Burke, Indre Rockefeller, Veronica Gledhill, Sophie Pera, and Sally Singer, to name a few. This week's contributor is Vogue Beauty Writer, Catherine Piercy.

I really love Piercy's style. I love that she's rockin' a short haircut, which is a refreshing change from the more obligatory long locks that tend to grace many editors. I'm also fond of the way she wears feminine pieces in a tough or roughed-up-around-the-edges way. I'm usually found in skirts and dresses with opaque tights, too, so I find myself relating to a Vogue editor here.

My favorite look for the week? Probably Day 2, mostly because I am deeply coveting that striking Vena Cava t-shirt.

For more from "Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl," check out the complete feature over at Vogue's website: www.vogue.com. This picture of Catherine Piercy is also from Vogue's website.

19 March 2010

CFDA Thoughts and Predictions

It's that time of year again. Yes, the Council of Fashion Designers of America will be presenting awards to a few lucky fashion professionals in categories ranging from accessories to womenswear. First, my predictions. Then, a bit of commentary, or analysis, if you will.

Womenswear Designer

Between Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander Wang, I'm going to call this one for Mr. Wang. Karan and Jacobs have already had their turns to bask in the glow of international design super-stardom. And, more importantly, Alexander Wang is Anna's Chosen One. I'd be surprised if he didn't win on that endorsement alone.

Menswear Designer

If Tom Ford claims this one, it will truly be a landmark year for him. Between directing an Oscar-nominated film and designing innovative, quality clothing, he has proven that he is more than just a drop-dead sexy designer. He is multi-faceted and talented in ways that he might not have even discovered yet. Before I call this one for Ford, though, we should also consider the stellar work that has been produced by Marcus Wainwright and David Neville for Rag and Bone. This one is just too close to call.

Accessory Designer

I'm fairly certain that this one will go to Alexis Bittar.

Swarvorski Award for Womenswear

This is probably the toughest category to call. All three nominees are truly stellar in their respective houses. And, most importantly, all three (Joseph Altuzarra, Jason Wu, and Prabal Gurung) are favorites of Vogue. I'd really like to see Prabal Gurung win, though. India is shaping up to hold the future of fashion and their harbinger of stylish things to come might be starting with a win from Gurung.

Swarvoski Award for Menswear

I don't follow menswear with the same obsessive compulsion that I do womenswear, so I'm going to have to make a blind prediction. I'm predicting Richard Chai.

Certain CFDA "Lifetime Achievement" awards will also be handed out to Michael Kors, Christopher Bailey of Burberry, and Iman. From the journalistic side of the industry, Vogue's very own Tonne Goodman will be accepting the Eleanor Lambert Award. And, fittingly, a tribute will be given in honor of the lifetime achievements of the late, great Alexander McQueen. I am thrilled that his contributions to fashion are being recognized this year.

With so much to celebrate in fashion, I can't help but wonder if Tonne Goodman could crack a smile. Seriously. She works at Vogue. That alone would make me walk around with a foolish grin on my face day in and day out.

So, Tonne, could we pleeeease see a smile from you? Smile! You work at Vogue! Life is good!

(**This photo of Tonne Goodman is from Vogue's own website at www.vogue.com**)

16 March 2010

Gisele is on the Cover of the April Issue of Vogue! Rejoice!

A model graces the April issue of Vogue. Models on the cover of fashion magazines? Who would have thought?

And not just any model- Gisele. Granted the cover is for the much-loathed Shape Issue, but I'll take a model on the cover of a fashion magazine over a celebrity any day.

Gisele looks radiant on the cover in an asymmetrical, one-sleeved red top and short khaki shorts. The look is a little underwhelming, but Gisele still captivates. I would have liked to have seen the stylists (Tonne Goodman? Marie Amelie Suave?) take a bit more of a risk, but, again, we'll take what we can get.

In the article, Gisele discusses giving birth, being perfect (well, isn't she?), and life as a mother and wife. I'm very excited to read the entire feature.

In the meantime, I'm utterly content. The sun is shining. A supermodel is on the cover of Vogue. All is right with the world.

12 March 2010

1920s Glamour, Edward Steichen Style


A cool day at sea
Four ladies in high fashion,
Glamour head to toe.

Lanvin and Chanel
The definition of grace,
Twenties elegance.

Loose fabrics flowing,
Laughter, class, and pearls abound.
Soft pleats cascading.

Captured by Steichen,
that famous photographer
who long reigned at Vogue.

Defined an era,
with images that transcend.
Forever Steichen.

** This photograph was taken by legendary Conde Nast photographer Edward Steichen and appeared in the July 15, 1928 issue of Vogue. Copies of the photo are available to purchase at www.condenaststore.com. The title of this photo is simply "Yachting." It is my all-time favorite fashion photograph.
Image credit: www.condenaststore.com

10 March 2010

My favorite look from Valentino

The fall 2010 collection for Valentino could be described as an elegant sea of cream, blush, black, and red hues cascading down the runway. The colors may have been all over the spectrum, but the clothes flowed together seamlessly.

Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri have had enormous shoes to fill (Would you want to replace couture-legend, Valentino??!), and it seems that possibly for the first time they have not only exceeded expectations but made Valentino proud as well.

My favorite look from the collection? The gorgeous red leather skirt with geometric ruffles topped with blush-colored fur, paired with red and grommet-studded flats. Pure poetry on the catwalk, as far as I'm concerned.

08 March 2010

My Apologies

My apologies for completely neglecting my blogging responsibilities, Paris Fashion Week, and Oscars fashion coverage! I'm sure the fashion gods can forgive me for not blogging for a week, but missing Paris Fashion Week might be unforgivable. So, I'm hoping to catch up and see what I've missed. In the meantime, I'd love to hear what shows you've been loving, so send the tips my way!

After I sort out my current travel dilemmas, I hope to be up and running again!

Peace, love, and Chanel until then...

01 March 2010

Hamish Bowles or Sherlock Holmes?

This brilliant photo was taken by none other than The Sartorialist. I just had to post it- in case you missed it. I love how Hamish is rockin' those Wellies, while still looking so sophisticated, stylish, and unmistakably British. He also looks quite a bit how I'd imagine Sherlock Holmes to look, too. Is this Vogue editor really a crime-solving detective in disguise? Hmmm...

(** Photo credit: The Sartorialist at http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com)