29 November 2010

Angelina Jolie Again?! *Yawn*

Angelina Jolie is no stranger to the pages of Vogue. In fact, she's been a cover model now four times since 2002. I'm still trying to understand what Vogue's fascination is with her. I don't find her to be a terribly interesting person, although I applaud her for her various humanitarian efforts. I don't think her sense of style is that fantastic, especially given the fact that she has access to any garment under the sun. And her personal life isn't too exciting (to me) either. Most importantly, I haven't been too intrigued by any of her subsequent covers. They just strike me as your run-of-the-mill celebrity cover designed to appeal to the masses instead to the niche fashion crowd. Maybe I'm off base here. Take a look at the covers for yourself.

This cover from April 2002 is by far my favorite. Annie Leibovitz shot the image, and it actually has a fashion presence to me.

The March 2004 cover by Mario Testino isn't bad either. Gorgeous dress!

The January 2007 cover, which was frequently paired with Jennifer Aniston's Vogue cover (in which Aniston also posed in a red dress). Celebrity feuds really do not belong in the pages of Vogue. I considered this cover (and the story) a low-point.
(**cover image from www.shoppingandinfo.com**)

And we have the December 2010 cover. I love the blue background and hot pink type. Oh, and the Tom Ford dress. But that's about it...

(** all images from Google search**)

24 November 2010

Lauren Bush for the Gap

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned in the past just how much I adore Lauren Bush. She's just a rock star- one of those rare people who excels at every single thing she does. She's intelligent (Princeton alumna), she's genuinely eco-conscious and concerned about making a contribution to humanity (her FEED bags are evidence of that), and she's a bona fide fashion original who both models and designs. She has also been in a long-term relationship with David Lauren for, oh, seven or eight years and hasn't felt the pressure to marry yet (perhaps because her married name would be Lauren Lauren?). You would think that someone from a staunch Democratic family would not be drawn to someone who is Republican royalty, but I'm willing to bet that Ms. Bush is not terribly partisan. In short, Lauren Bush is someone I reallllly, realllly admire.

Her newest endeavor seems to be modeling for the Gap's holiday campaign. I found this on the EU site, so I'm not sure if it's out in the U.S., but here she is looking fabulous as always. *Sigh*

23 November 2010

Chanel Iman Dazzles at the CFDA Awards

Chanel Iman looked absolutely stunning at the CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund Awards last week. I love this entire look from head to toe. The pops of electric tangerine accent the shimmering canvas of the Altuzarra dress so well. Could orange possibly be the next big trend in nail color?

I just love her. Anna, will you please give her a solo cover already?

(** photo courtesy of Vogue.com**)

17 November 2010

The Royals and Vogue

Now that Kate Middleton is officially the Future King of England's Bride-to-Be, it's only a matter of time before she has her first cover on Vogue (British or American editions). British Vogue, in particular, loves the Royal Family. They also love Royal-inspired editorials, like the fantastic 2001 spread with Kate Moss on the cover for the "Royal Salute." I'm hoping that we'll see Kate on the cover before the wedding...and many times after.

Until then, here are a few of my favorite covers of Vogue's favorite cover girl, Princess Diana.

This tribute to Princess Diana from October 1997 is widely considered to be one of the best ever UK magazine covers, at least according to The Guardian. This photo of Princess Diana, taken by Patrick Demarchelier, is simple and, indeed, one of the best covers ever.

The earliest Vogue cover.

I'm quite certain that Mario Testino contributed the portraits for this special edition.

I would love to have this issue. It was edited by the late Elizabeth Tilberis and the cover photo of the beautiful Princess was taken by Demarchelier. Classic.

No, Kate Moss is not a member of the Royal Family, but this commemorative edition and salute to the Royal Family is one of the best fashion issues ever. It is also one of the prize jewels in my Vogue Archives. This is another one of The Guardian's favorite UK magazine covers ever. If you love the cover photo, wait until you see the editorials inside. Truly Vogue at its best.

(** photos from Google search, The Guardian, or Vogue Archives**)

16 November 2010

A Royal Wedding is Upon Us!

The news that Royal watchers have waited for was finally announced today. Prince William and his long-time love, Kate Middleton, are officially engaged! Let the countdown to the Royal Wedding begin!

I can't wait to find out who will have the honor of designing her wedding dress, not to mention the extended wedding party's ensembles. Will she wear Princess Diana's sapphire ring? Where will the ceremony be held? Reports have indicated that the wedding will definitely be in London, but no official venue has been revealed yet. I'm hoping for Westminster Abbey. Also, who will be Prince Harry's date for the ceremony? And, where will they honeymoon?

With so much happening in England over the next two years (the 2012 Olympics, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee), this is yet another reason to make the trip across the pond. As if we truly need justification to travel to England!

01 November 2010

The Perennial Accessory: Scarves

If there's one accessory that has really spiked in popularity lately, it'd have to be the scarf. Scarves can be worn with anything to jazz up any outfit. They can be worn year-round. And, the best part, they are available at every price (I won't say "price point" because that annoys me to death). For the longest time, I had been on a tremendous shoe kick (and I still kind of am), but my accessory focus slowly shifted to that of the accessory, especially once I realized all the style aid that a scarf can lend to a wardrobe. On my most recent jaunt through Europe, I picked up two super-stylish patterned scarves, one in Bologna and another at the Top Shop (Is there any other store?) in London. I've already worn them more times than I can count.

One of my new favorite scarf hubs is Echo Design. They have more varieties and patterns of scarves than you could wear in a lifetime. The price range is pretty generous, too. There are truly scarves for every budget and every taste. Here are a few of my favorite designs from their website:

The "feather formation" scarf is pricey at $78, but with a pattern like this, it's probably the only accessory you'll ever need. It's also my favorite scarf from Echo Design's website. This scarf can turn even the dullest ensemble into something truly noteworthy. I'd love to add it to my scarf collection.

The "crowned jewels" scarf is fit for a queen, and it has a price tag to match, at $98. This silk scarf is so sumptuous in its rich color palette and design. It's also available in three different colors and varieties, so snatch them all up if you can.

The "printed embroidery" scarf will lend itself well to a blank canvas. This scarf, at $58, touts itself as offering "the look of embroidery without the sewing." The benefits? The fabric will not snag a thread. This beauty is available in silk in multiple colors.

The "cheetah velvet smoke ring" scarf is designed to be worn in a ring, as the name would suggest. Some companies (Banana Republic, for instance) refer to this style as the "infinity" scarf, but it basically means that the scarf is worn almost like a necklace, as opposed to draped or wrapped.

And here it is in "ring" form. I think this would be a beautiful way to accent an all-black evening ensemble. So chic, and for $58, it might be one of the least expensive ways to tailor an outfit to your individual taste.

For more images of beautiful scarves from Echo Design, check out their full online collection at www.echodesign.com. Enjoy!