29 March 2011

The Fabulous Traina Sisters

Victoria and Vanessa Traina are without a doubt two of the most stylish sisters in the whole of fashion-dom. They're up there with Mary-Kate and Ashley, Lucy and Plum Sykes, Missy and Frankie Rayder, Jaime and Jodie Kidd, and any other stylish sister duo I failed to mention. They exude style, which is not surprising given their lineage. As the daughters of best-selling author Danielle Steele (who collects couture the way most people collect, oh, DVDs), they've been exposed to high fashion from a very early age. They had a formal coming-out at the legendary Crillon Ball in Paris (other debutantes have included Jane Aldridge, Lauren Bush, Anna's daughter, and Dree Hemingway). And now they're fixtures on the international fashion scene, attending the major shows and even acting as design muses for certain designers. So, it should come as no surprise when the sisters step out looking as fabulous as they did in the above photo from Vogue.com.

(** photo from www.vogue.com**)

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